Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it friday already?

This week seems to have flown by. Despite a difficult start, it feels good for us to be back in a routine, no matter how tentative. I am looking forward to todays feminine friday challenge and to the weekend. There is nothing as nice as having the whole family together. There are so many wonderful things waiting around the corner that the routine will most certainly need to be kept well in check.

Yesterday we found out of our good fortune to be able to take a spiritual retreat in the beginning of may. Joseph's grandparents are looking forward to a grandson sleep over, and while I certainly will miss him (last time I managed only to call three times a day) I am looking forward to a few days of just my beloved husband and the Lord.
We are going on a retreat to Mepkin abbey. There is no specific program, just the chance to live along the monks and rest your spirit, taking time to be with God. I am looking for a book perhaps to give our retreat some structure. Does anyone have any tips or must reads?
Of course I will take my bible and probably my knitting. But May is still far away. Before that, we will have a visit to my in laws in february, and they offered to keep Joseph on Valentines day. We might either go see a movie together or have a simple dinner. And then my mother will be here near the end of March for both of our birthdays.
Lots of simple joys to be planned in the months ahead of us.

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