Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I didn't get up in time

Bah! For three days in a row I wake up feeling as if someone has been chasing me all night. I wake up around 5.30 am, and then can't get back to sleep immediately. This morning I gave in. My husband skipped his work out and I skipped getting up early. It's just one day, but I must make sure that it remains only that. Joseph had stayed up later than usual yesterday so he is still asleep. Hurray!
And the house is incredibly clean. (see yesterdays post) hurray!
I promise here and now, that if I have the money, I will offer this same service to my daughter or daughter in law at the time. It was the most thoughtful christmas gift I could imagine. It really is the gift of time. Because since my house is now all caught up, maintenance should not be such a problem.
For the last two years I have loved my little swiffer vac, for day to day to day crumbs. I am finding out that as a mother of a todler you are always chasing crumbs. Last sunday we added a cute little shark steamcleaner to the family of 'small and easy' cleaning appliances. I have a nice, big, floorscrubber which works very well, but which I just do not get out on a day to day basis to remove the dropped spinach underneath the highchair. A quick clean with a damp cloth doesn't seem to do the trick, or I forget to react immediately because I want to eat dinner. Then I forget after dinner and by the time Joseph is in bed, it has hardened into a cement like substance. And then I am not even mentioning oatmeal.
The shark is ready to use in 30 seconds, lightweight and requires no chemicals or anything.
So, after dinner, my husband will keep our little boy buys for about ten-fifteen minutes while I clear off the table and do a quick steaming of the floor. It's a new part of the routine to keep the house clean. Furthermore, I will spend half an hour working during naptime, before taking my 'private time' for email, reading, knitting or anything else, so that we can try and keep up with the work.

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