Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good intentions

I did not have much inspiration this morning. Strange after a few days with more to write about than I have time to write down.
A few days ago I wrote a little article about good intentions that I thought worked out very well. Maybe it's a good thing to share.

A new year always feels like a brand new slate. I used to love to watch the movies about Anne of Green Gables, and especially the quote. “Every day is a new beginning. With no mistakes in it. Yet.”
A lot of people become jaded over the years and stop making good intentions at new years because they 'do not stick'. It's sad though, because if we only attempted things that would surely work out, we could better give up on this whole Christianity thing anyhow.

Each day we strive to become more like Our Lord. To be a woman like His Blessed Mother. And, while I keep trying, I am pretty sure that at the end of my life, I will still be falling short. That does not mean that my attempts do not count, or that they do not help me improve myself.
I may not have the spirit of sacrifice of Our Lord, but I might offer my husband that I will go to the store alone and let him stay in and watch TV. I may not have the meekness of Mother Mary, but I may learn to bite my tongue before a sharp word falls from it more than ones. Of course I will fail now and again, and will go back to more selfish behavior, but then it is time to aim my eyes right back on the cross, look to My Best Example, and return to work.

So, let us try to make more time for prayer, be more healthy, keep a cleaner house, be kinder, be more organized, and get more done. When we do not reach the goal, we will probably be closer to it than before we started trying. And as sisters in Christ, we will be there to support each other, and always, always point to the One who is there, as the only One who has reached perfection.


Shannon said...

I think that's a wonderful post, and a wonderful addition to your very encouraging blog!!

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

Hello, and thanks for your comment on my blog.As it is like a subject unto itself, maybe I can address it in a separate post. Also, if you would like me to send the comment back to you, for your own blog post, I would be glad to do that. Lydia

Elizabeth said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, and very encouraging! I very much tend to fall into the trap of "Well, I've failed so many times, why try again?" Some excellent thoughts.

BTW, I'm linking to you on my sidebar.