Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One of those days

Today was one of 'those' days that all mothers seem to know. And I am writing this when it is only 11 am. Who knows what it still has in store for me?
It started with a bad night of sleep. Then with Joseph waking up at 6.30, after days and weeks of solid sleep till 7.30 and lately even 8.30 am. But no... he was awake, awake, awake and wanted out of the bed.
Okay.. without even much of a grumble (good mommy!) I took him downstairs. He wanted out of the sleepsack so I helped him and then went to make him a cup of milk. Somehow, someway... someWHY... in the few seconds that I had my back turned, he managed to take his diaper off. I had spotted it and immediately resolved to put a new one on as soon as I had put the milk in the fridge. By the time I had done so, Joseph had celebrated his accomplishment by peeing on the floor. And sitting contently in the midst of it.
Thank goodness for hardwood!

So, several paper towels, a dishcloth and a new diaper later, morning was back on track. Until my son saw me put on my computer and insisted that he gets to see duck. Since he does usually see him in the morning, I put him on my lap to go to youtube. He immediately slammed his skull into my face, crushing my lip against my teeth. Luckily no blood, but definitely swollen. After duck and after dadda had left for work, he tried to gauge out my eyeball during a session of 'let's climb mommy'. He failed, but was sincerely dissapointed that he was not allowed to push his finger into my eyesockets. Ah... the hardships of todler life. I am telling him often how he has such a cruel, cruel mommy.

The last incident so far was a new one on me. Joseph has been drinking out of a cup with a straw for months now. He is very proficient at it and while there has been an occasional few drops spilled, there have been no major accidents.
Today however, he decided, while I took my eyes off him for a second, that the lid needed to be pried off the cup while it was still half full of milk.
Once more I say... Thank goodness for hardwood.
Thank goodness for washing machines.

It is now 11.20 am... Thank goodness for naps.

Addendum: my beloved husband reminded me that he was the one who actually carried our little boy downstairs while I was shrugging into a robe. See... despite the fact that he has been weaned for nearly two months now, occasionally when he is hungry in the morning, Joseph just looks at mommy and thinks: FOOD! My not being too grumbling happened after I came downstairs and had Joseph on my lap. I did explain though that 6.30 am is way too early to be up.


Bill said...

Okay.. without even much of a grumble (good mommy!) I took him downstairs.

Lying is a sin, you know... ;)

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Oooooooh. I think your son and my son are in the same club. My son causes trouble like that and he's 4!
Especially the hitting the head against my face while he is in my lap. Except my son laughs because he thinks it is funny to see mommy with a swollen lip. lol

faerieeva said...

*laughs at Bill* Hey NOW you start reading my blog, hm?

I didn't grumble MUCH. *LOL* I didn't say I didn't grumble. I just informed him of the inaproprieteness of waking up at this hour!

faerieeva said...

Ugh... so they don't stop doing that when they get older, Mrs. G?

Shannon said...

I am going to blame the falling barometric pressure for the suckitude of my yours it has been wrong, wrong, wrong from the get go. As I type- my husand is going to pay for the groceries I left at the store because in my brilliant move to be less laden, I only took my wallet, which (as it turns out) did NOT include my check card. On a positive note, I did not have all five kids with me whilst shopping.