Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Salutations

Just wanted to add a short post here this morning to wish you all a wonderful weekend. I may or may not be blogging a lot in the next few days. My friends have just left for the UK and Belgium again and I am already looking forward to seeing them again at Christmas.
It felt wonderful and strange to speak my own language again throughout the day and receiving a reply in the same language. We spend our last evening playing trivial persuit. My husband won (he always does) but I felt extremely proud at knowing which paper the troops of Ulysses Grant founded when finding the abandoned offices of the Bloomfield Daily Herald in 1861. It's the Stars and Stripes.
Aparently I am finally starting to learn some American History. I've always learned history through the little social life issues more than the big wars and treaties. I think often in history lessons the wars are painted on the backdrop of the daily life, while for many people the experience was the reverse. For those on the front, the war was the reality, but in the mean time those at home still had to milk the cows and knit the socks for those that were wearing them in the famous battles from Antietam to Bastogne and Normandy... for those the day to day life of rising prices and managing with less men and waiting for news was the reality with the war always on the background of their minds.

And here I am lost in posting again. I will philosophise about history another time. It's naptime and I need to get some things done! *LOL*

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