Friday, October 3, 2008

The very first post, copied

Well, here it is. My new blog. The one you have all been waiting for. If not, don't tell me. I like my delusions. What's this blog going to be about? Daily musings about life, love, femininity, housework, and the wonderful challenges of starting a life all over again at the other side of the globe. I married six months ago to the most wonderful husband in the world. His only drawback was that he lived halfway around the world in the US. His job was here, and would allow us to live much more comfortable than my teaching position in Belgium and so I made the big change.
I am now a full time housewife, with possibly some part time substitute teaching on the agenda. And I'm trying to get the hang of this blog thing. Let's see if it works.
Be loved and blessed,


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