Friday, October 3, 2008

Our first married Valentine (Februari 15 2007)

It will be hard in times to come to find a valentine that will mean more, and yet... I guess few people would call it romantic. As you know from earlier posts, I am very pregnant. With very, I do not mean pregnant for a long time, as I am barely in my second month. I only mean that I have become a caricature of all the negative pregnancy symptoms. I sleep till noon, can barely get myself out of bed to get to the sofa, get sick at odours that used to delight me, can hardly eat anything and recently, can hardly keep food in that I actually can eat... How is that for a romantic starter? Add to that that my beloved husband has just now entered in the most stressful period possible at work and that due to the flight cancellations in the midwest, his entire schedule here in South Carolina was thrown in a heap.
So what did we do for thanksgiving? I managed to clean up the living room... and I managed to actually bake him little cakes in the shape of a rose thanks to my rose shaped mini muffin pan. My valentines gift for him: a cleaned living room and kitchen, an empty table with on it the glass dome under which half a dozen pretty cakes, shaped as roses lay waiting.
My husbands valentine for me? Getting me chinese instead of taking me out to a restaurant, and both of us cuddled on the couch. A realistic valentine for married people, with the romance of the ordinary. half a dozen rozes would not have pleased my husband as much as the cupcakes, and the fanciest restaurant would have been less atractive to me than the chance to stay at home and feel comfortable.

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