Sunday, October 5, 2008

Toy storage

One of my favourite bloggers, Emma, asked about the way we store our childrens toys. So yesterday I went through the downstairs floor with the camera. Amd here are the results.

In the first picture you see Joseph's playpen in the living room. It holds a number of toys and used to be a place where he played quite frequently for ten or twenty minutes, giving me some hands free time. Unfortunately for now he goes in the playpen when he does one of the two things he is forbidden to do so I feel bad about putting him in there when he has not done something wrong.
Also in the living room, we have two reed baskets. One of them holds books, the other toys. It fits in the living room decor and is an easy solution for the toys that ride around the living room.
The sunroom is a place of priviledge. That means there are a few toys there that are not used all the time, but maybe once a day for half an hour or so. Depending on the weather, we reverse this role with the living room and try to keep one room more or less tidy during the day.
Of course in these pictures I have just put the toys back into their proper places. During the day, they unfortunately migrate everywhere in the living room and kitchen, and don't even get me started on the bathroom. Just to avoid anyone from feeling bad about the way the toys are spreading out in their house, a few pictures of Joseph's favorite ways of entertaining himself: - Getting out all the tupperware and the cooking pots and pans. And then of course leaving them all over the kitchen floor, and in the hallway, loosing interest in them, until mommy tries to put them in the cabinets again when it becomes so much fun to get them out as she is putting them in.
- And of course for minutes of concetrated fun: grabbing a tissue or a piece of paper that mommy has not put up high enough and shredding it into tiny little pieces that you leave all over the floor.
Ahhh life is good when you are a baby!

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