Friday, October 3, 2008

Joyful preparations (July 7, 2007)

After all the tales of pregnancy woe (I fear I am definitely not the advertisement for the serene, soft smiling mother with a blessing under her apron, even though I want to be) maybe it is time for something uplifting. It most certainly is time for something new, since I have not posted for too long again. Why is it that time seems to run away from me every day?
I am now 33 weeks pregnant, so between 4 and 7 weeks still await me. I do start to feel tired more easily, and am in the glorious position of being able to indulge in my frequent wish for extra naps. This of course thanks to the most wonderful husband in the world. Isn't it wonderful that after a year of marriage, I am still utterly and completely convinced that no woman on earth is as lucky as I am for having married this wonderful, nerdy, commited, understanding, obliging and supporting man? Yes, I am gushing... I could put it down to hormones, but I will just rightfully atribute it to the fact that he simply is that wonderful. *G*
Last week saw us making a last airplane trip, this time without any complications, to Saint Louis and back where his mother and family organised a baby shower. It was so sweet and wonderful. They chose a small restaurant that had a European feel to it, we did games like 'who knows the future mother best'? and "unscramble that baby word'. The luncheon was wonderful (if you live near Saint Louis, definitely drop in at Cuisine d'art for a meal, and I got a lot of very nice gifts for the baby, ranging from the funny (my first Cardinals t shirt), to the useful: a diaper bag, to the super cute: lots of tiny outfits and books. Some people were very kind in contributing to our nursery furniture.

.Of course, both pieces are in the same finishing, being the cherry that you can see in the first picture.
At the moment, I spend my time at home in between naps in getting ready for the baby, placing gifts and outfits where they should go for now, and anticipating the arrival of the furniture. The store said it would probably take about four weeks, but we got a call today that our order was in allready and next thursday, everything will be delivered. I can't wait to start giving everything it's place.

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