Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joe the plumber

I know that I don't like it when people call our Joseph Joe. I try very hard to avoid it. But with Joseph's fascination for toilets, and his pre occupation with the plunger, this oportunity was too good to let it go by.


Kelly said...

I love it! That picture is great!

I'm afraid I'd end up calling him Joe - not on purpose - just something I find that happens. I have a tendency to change names of kids as I get to know them better. I swore I'd never shorten my son's name - Alex - and I hated the name 'Al' for a child. What do I find myself calling him? Al and Alley. *shrugs* I got in trouble once when a mom heard me call her son, David, Dave by accident. We had three Davids in the class and hers was the only one we could not call anything but David.

God bless you! You have a beautiful little guy!

tiffibug said...

Too cute!

Heidi said...

Hi Eva! So nice to read about you being from Belgium on my blog comments. I came over to take a look at your blog and have to admit it was fun to be welcomed here by your very own Joe the Plumber. Joseph is such a cutie! You were not far from me when you studied in Utrecht.

Hugs en groetjes ~

Elizabeth said...

That's so cute!! Your Joseph (Joe the plumber) is such a sweetie.

You're right. You couldn't let an opportunity like that pass by!

As one who insists on being called every syllable of my very long name, I'm all for you fighting for your son's full name, instead of a nickname.