Friday, October 3, 2008

I've gone over the edge (August 19 2007)

We said to ourselves that WE would not to do it. We were having a baby but we would not go crazy on the stuff. Of course we would buy what was necessary, and of course we would gratefully receive whatever people would give us, but we would definitely not go crazy. We would be sensible parents!

I think we started to get closer to the edge when my mother decided she wanted to give us a stroller, but only the best of the best was good enough for her grandchild. He had to sit high up because well... you would not want poor baby to swallow exhaust fumes, right? She had seen the exact thing that would be perfect for baby: a STOKKE stroller. Even though I tried to argue that I did not need anything THAT fancy, she was absolutely set on buying that wonderful stroller for her first grandchild and I have been thought, since childhood, that it is utterly rude to argue about a gift.
So I got a stroller that any stylish celebrity would be proud of. Of Norwegian design, adaptable to a high chair setting, with a cute bassinet and adjustable everything.

And then there were the baby showers. The surprise baby shower from the sweet people at Birthright, the warm and elegant one that my mother in laws friends had organised in Saint Louis, and the wonderfully sweet and funny one that the ladies of my church had for me yesterday. They made me feel so blessed and included. As well as utterly spoiled with the cute and practical gifts. The tiny outfits, the receiving blankets, the thermometer, the overly cuddly teddy bear...
Still... we had not gone crazy. So far the only thing we had bought ourselves for baby had been one book. All the rest was given, or bought with giftcards that generous friends gave us at the baby shower and most of it, if cute, was sensible. You do need a changing pad and covers. So if you like sage green, there is no reason not to have a sage green changing pad cover. No, I think we were doing very well... up till today.
We went to babiesRus for a few last moment, needed supplies. Yes, I needed some breastfeeding stuff, that was just sensible again. And a nightlight was not 100 % necessary but was a normal, practical gift. We stumbled over the halloween outfits however. Why would a two month old baby need a halloween outfit? But, as not to reveal the name, we have been speaking about 'babykitten' the entire pregnancy, and lo and behold, there was a kitten outfit for a 0 to 3 month old.
God help me... I actually bought a halloween outfit for me unborn baby. Yes... I have gone over the edge!

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