Friday, October 3, 2008

Commitment to loveliness

Emma at Charming the birds from the trees sets us a challenge to loveliness this week. And I absolutely must respond.
The last few weeks I have acted like the caricature of a bad housewife: laying around most of the day in a bathrobe while the household desolves in dissaray. *wince* Not a pretty picture, right? Of course the fact that I could barely move with whole day morning sickness makes it a bit more understandable. Still, the last three days, every day the sickness seems to ebb away a bit more. I am far from up and about yet, but I AM able to start doing some things again, slowly but steadily. It is time that this house returns to loveliness, baby step by babystep. I won't put my goals for this week up too ambitious. But it will be a step in the right direction.

One:I shall NOT greet my husband in my bathrobe when he comes home from work.
Two:I will drink at least five glasses of water each day.
Three: I will clean and moisturise my face before going to bed.
Four:I will experiment more with my hair and my veil for church.
Five:I will take down all christmas decorations.

Now, that should be doable, right? Small steps, back to creating the household the way it was before my beloved blessing anounced itsself with rampant morning sickness. Strange isn't it, just writing these five, I am already tempted to add another five. Best wait with that till next week and see if I manage. One step at a time.

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