Friday, October 3, 2008

The carseat has arrived (July 31, 2008)

My nesting instinct is in full swing and I love seeing the baby items arrive. Our carseat arrived today. We had to order it from the internet because babiesRus didn't have the red one in the store anymore. By now I feel we are getting ready to actually have the baby. There are probably less things you need to have a baby than the stores want you to believe, but a few essentials you do need. A carseat is one of them.
Aside from plenty of cute outfits, these are the things that we have that I think you really need.
- Bassinet: this is a bit of an heirloom as it is the bassinet that I slept in as a child, that many of my nephews and nieces used, collegues, neigbours, friends... and now it has made the trip over the ocean for my baby to rest in. A new generation in a new country.
- a car seat: definitely necessary. Even this last week, there was an item on the news of a boy catapulted through the window because he was not buckled into his seat.
- a changing pad. Maybe not the most romantic item, but definitely needed. No matter how much my husband talks to my belly to encourage baby to come out potty trained, I just don't have the feeling it's going to happen. *W*
- a baby carrier.
- a package of newborn diapers and wipes. Yes, we will need to get some more before he is actually here, but we have some time left to now just add that to our shopping list.
Of course there are other things that will be extremely useful: we have a diaper bag, a nice stroller coming, cute outfits, receiving blankets, a bouncy seat, a few plush toys, a diaper pail, a hamper, an airpurifier and so on... Our baby also already has enough books to start a mini library. Do you think someone may have told the people at the baby shower that his parents are two big bookworms? The very, very first item I bought for my baby (and so far the only non necessary thing that I actually bought) was a book. Not a cute outfit, not a toy... although I must say the outfits become more and more tempting. The first thing I bought was a book. If any of you have any classics to recommend for boys, I'ld love to hear about them.

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